Enhancing Va​​​​​lue Within the Built Environment​

Investing in the right building infrastructure can help your business become more efficient, productive and competitive.

Managed Services Solutions for the Built Environment

Today more than ever, the built environment needs a myriad of hard technical assets to enable buildings to deliver the comfort, safety and amenity required by occupants.  HVAC, lighting, fire services, vertical transportation, security and electrical systems are just some of the assets that need to always be at peak operational performance.


These very assets are also responsible for most of the cost of operating a building.  Repairs, breakdowns, maintenance and energy costs are often higher than they need be.  And when it comes to replacing assets as they age, valuable, hard to come by capital is required - capital that could be otherwise used to grow your business. 

Have you  ever stopped and asked why you use your precious capital to acquire depreciating, terminal assets such as those required in the built environment?

There is a better way.

Let Grosvenor Services show you how.

An innovative service delivery model that will improve your business's financial performance.

Customised Solution

Grosvenor Services' customised Technical Asset Service Agreement (TASA) solution facilitates new building infrastructure, upgrades and refurbishments.

All the while you continue to be fully in control of your equipment preferences.

We take the time to understand your business needs and partner with you in finding the best solutions.

De-risk ​​​​Operational Performance

With a TASA we own your building's infrastructure for you.... de-risking operational performance and maintenance for the entire life cycle of hard technical assets.

On maturity of the TASA term, ownership of the asset can be transferred to you or we simply negotiate a new TASA to upgrade the existing asset or assets.

Performance risk is transferred & financial risk is shared (1).

"As a Service" Approach

This innovative "as a service" approach allows you to pay for building infrastructure and energy efficiency upgrades through your operating budget rather than from your capital account.

With an agreed monthly service fee, Grosvenor takes on the performance risk for the asset (1) allowing you to preserve capital for more profitable activities and facilitate business growth.

A Grosvenor TASA Offers Solutions to A Variety of Capital Works Needs










Fuel Growth and Innovation by Freeing Up Your Capital

Grosvenor Services enables businesses to have the amenity of the technical assets required within their built environment that best support sustainability, productivity and energy efficiency as well as comfort for tenants and occupants. 

And all of this can be done without the need  to deploy capital expenditure on the part of the business.

Better Building infrastructure

With a Grosvenor TASA, aging hard technical assets can be replaced or upgraded without the need for upfront capital, allowing you to increase building efficiency while simultaneously reducing outgoings.

And because we are responsible for asset management for the duration of the agreement, building owners avoid the increasing maintenance and repair costs that inevitably come with aging infrastructure. (1)

By improving the overall quality and efficiency of building infrastructure owners can realise the best possible rental income through the enhanced attractiveness of their building to potential and existing tenants.

Financial Outcomes Supporting Growth

A Grosvenor TASA removes capital expenditure events. There is no need to raise more equity, capital or increase credit lines in order to fund new assets or upgrade existing building infrastructure.

And as the agreement is based on the total cost of ownership of a building asset rather than just lowest capital cost, building owners can hedge against future energy and maintenance prices, providing certainty regarding cash flow for the duration of the agreement.

A Grosvenor TASA is AASB 16 compliant reducing the need to bring certain liabilities back onto the balance sheet. (2)

Supporting Sustainability

With corporate sustainability objectives gaining greater significance and tenant demand to offset ever-increasing energy costs, 'Green is the new Gold' in relation to sustainability initiatives . 

A Grosvenor TASA makes green technology more affordable and accessible to both public and private sector building owners.

Offering you the opportunity to invest in new energy efficient technologies including HVAC, lighting, building management systems, IoT, sensors, as well as data analytics and predictive asset management.

Benefits Everyone

With a Grosvenor TASA the inherent conflicts of interest between building owners, tenants and service providers disappear.

As the asset owner, Grosvenor Services are directly invested in the performance of the asset and the operational model of the building owner while optimising the tenant's usage and experience as an occupant.

How We Help You Improve Business Performance

Under Grosvenor's exclusive contractual TASA model, we can offer a total service solution including all preventative, reactive and breakdown maintenance and repairs along with equipment replacement for a known monthly fee.

Prior to implementation we work with you to undertake a comprehensive audit of the assets in your portfolio - our engineers using their depth of technical expertise to develop the best operational and cost-effective solutions that best suit your needs.

Once the agreed upgrades have been made on your behalf you can simply sit back and enjoy the economic benefits and improved operational performance that a Grosvenor TASA delivers.

TASA's in Five Steps

The Grosvenor Services TASA is a truly flexible arrangement.  

Whether you need to replace just one single asset or want to take your entire portfolio of equipment off balance sheet under a longer dated, fully de-risked agreement there is a TASA solution that can accommodate.  And should your needs change in the future the TASA can be altered accordingly.

Note (1) Depending on the TASA service level agreement selected.

Note (2) This is not an offer for financing as is provided for general information purposes only.  Grosvenor does not provide tax, accounting or legal advice.  You should obtain independent professional advice to determine for yourself the suitability, benefits and risks of Grosvenor products and services before  entering into any contract with Grosvenor.

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