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Delivering a Better Built Environment

Grosvenor Services is a part of the Grosvenor Engineering Group.

Australian-owned and established in 1994, Grosvenor is a leading building services provider with over $2.2 billion in assets under management across more than 19,000 sites nationwide.  

For the past 25 years, The Grosvenor Group has been a trusted hard technical services partner to Australia's largest property portfolios, offering best-of-breed data-driven services and solutions that make buildings safer, more productive and energy efficient.

Grosvenor Services leverages this depth of knowledge, experience and analytic capability in the management of building assets by offering an innovative service delivery model that can improve your business's financial performance.

Through our unique Technical Assets Service Agreement (TASA) we enable businesses to gain the use of those technical assets required within the built environment simply through the payment of a monthly fee. This allows valuable capital to be freed for use in other projects or business growth.

Why Choose Grosvenor?

  • In-depth knowledge of the built environment - enabling us to work with you in finding the best solutions for delivering infrastructure and building assets.

  • Ability to take a 'whole-of-life' view from design, installation, audit and maintenance backed up by Grosvenor's powerful data-driven approach to asset management.

  • Solutions that are seamless - from assessing and managing building assets, implementing maintenance and replacement regimes for the lifecycle of an asset all while freeing capital for business growth projects.

Advantages of Grosvenor's TASA

  • An off balance sheet solution requiring no upfront capital to install, replace or refurbish hard technical assets.

  • Covers a broad range of building infrastructure from individual assets to complex multi-asset projects.

  • Agnostic equipment solutions - you choose the equipment and solutions that best suit your needs.

  • Customised to your current requirements and your future growth plans.

  • A turnkey solution for the entire asset lifecycle.

Projects We Facilitate

  • New equipment, upgrades, refurbishments and maintenance of hard technical building assets including HVAC, fire and electrical.

  • Lighting installations and upgrades.

  • Sustainability, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

  • Industrial and commercial  refrigeration.

  • Installation of next generation Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for the built environment.

  • Access control, security systems and people movement.

  • Commercial and industrial fit-outs. 

Our Core Values

At Grosvenor our core values and beliefs are the foundation for all that we do.  They are our DNA - how we think and behave, what we value and what binds us together as a team.

Social Responsibility

We believe in making a difference and are committed to working and acting in a socially responsible manner towards each other and all those with whom we interact.

We strive to behave ethically at all times, to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of our employees and their families as well as our local community and society at large.

Integrity and Respect

At Grosvenor, we make a choice to hold ourselves to consistent standards of respect and integrity in our actions and how we deal with everyone.  They are values that permeate everything we do.

Our business has grown so it is sustainable for our clients, stakeholders, suppliers and employees, as well as the environment.  We continue to balance profitability and commercial realities while striving to adhere to these values.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, always aiming for continuous improvement and a true desire to make a difference to people's lives through the services we provide.

Diversity and Inclusion

We cultivate an inclusive work environment that recognises and respects individuality, providing opportunities for everyone regardless of position or background, to express their initiative, ability and creativity.

Our goal is to treat every employee fairly and equitably so as to create a high level or morale and a workplace climate that encourages the best individual and business performance.

This environment of inclusiveness and openness nurtures a culture in which diversity of thought drives Grosvenor's innovative approach to service delivery and the ever-changing needs of all our stakeholders.

Safety First

The safety of our people is a fundamental part of the Grosvenor culture and guides everything we do.  Whether onsite or in the office, our objective is to safeguard our employees, subcontractors, clients and the public at all times.

We understand improving health and safety at work benefits both the company, our staff and our customers.

The Grosvenor  HomeSafe initiative reinforces our commitment to building a sustainable, proactive safety culture where we are continuously improving workplace practices to achieve our fundamental goal that every employee arrives home safely every day.

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